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This encyclopedia is an isolated landmass which serves as the very reminder of the lonely DuttPanda's existence. Here you will find his expanding library of fan fiction, with diverse content from anime, comics and television shows. It may be sad that this is a dead zone but it isn't remotely as sad as pineapple in pizzas.
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The Desk Of J. Jonah Jameson: I've been in this job for over 30 years, and you name it, from celebrity scandals to political conspiracies, I have exposed them all, but now, in this rotten century, it seems that the paparazzi earn their money through spying bikini models. In fact, these days, photographers are more fixated on taking pictures of Kim Kardashian's butt whenever she stops by the nearest Gucci store, more than trying to get one goddamn picture of Spider-Man. Well, technically, it serves that masked freak right, just proves that he's cheaper than plastic!

The Six Point News Report Program, written and edited by Lois Lane & Betty Brant.

  1. WHO: Water
  2. WHAT: Water is wet.
  3. WHY: Water is liquid.
  4. WHEN: From the beginning
  5. WHERE: Where there is water.
  6. HOW: Because science.

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    Breaking Bad is a phenomenal and groundbreaking drama show with doses of action that hit you at high voltage, not due to the fight, but due to the cause. This is a character-driven show that is uncon…

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