Breaking Bad is a phenomenal and groundbreaking drama show with doses of action that hit you at high voltage, not due to the fight, but due to the cause. This is a character-driven show that is unconventional and takes turn against the generic idea of the 'good guys' and 'bad guys.' Instead, we are given our protagonists, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who are both essentially crooks, and although they have a softer side at heart, in all technicality, they are bad people. But the brilliant writing and chemistry of these two characters is highly entertaining and their antiques are always funny, raising the ideology of our protagonist himself; it's good being bad.

The misadventures of these two amateur drug-dealers whose connections and ties eventually lead to a string of events including mass murder, involving crooked lawyers, explosions and retribution, is a great build up, and that's why, as I stated earlier, this series works, since it's foundation, the two main characters, brilliantly portrayed by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's dynamic is unique. This leads to drama, tragedy and getting enemies, The side characters have plenty development outside of Walt and Jesse, which makes them so loveable too. Even the side characters, who are meant to be side characters, are utilised to their full potential, such as Badger and Skinny Pete, and are quite frankly hilarious.

The rest of the cast are top notch. Hank is played with a certain charisma and confidence. Marie is impatient and stoic but still loves her family, Skyler loves her husband and wants his best, and everything inevitably changes as part of their growth as characters to their newfound situations. Saul Goodman is the best thing about the show. In fact, Bob Odenkirk is so good at being Saul that he has a prequel show based on the character in the same universe as BrBa. Gus Fring is one of the most greatest television villains of all time. His reserved intelligence, chilling voice and great observational capabilities and hidden anger is intimidating and separates him from the generic evil-for-nothing villains. Mike Ehrmantraut is a badass old man with a certain 'spunk' and a damn-care attitude.

At it's core, this is an intellectual and actually deep and dark show, an exaggerated portrayal of the crumbling economical balance of modern day United Nation's infrastracture, and how a person can go down a road of darkness so suddenly. What I also like about this show is that this isn't like your good-ending shows. This show fulls grounded and real to the core and the realism is one of the defining aspects of the show, which in turn, triggers the dark tone for the rest of the series, since the modern-day crime empire of America is just as horrifying as the depiction put into this series.

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